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Tuesday, 2017-03-28, 1:01 PM
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    Acest site nu incalca legea si nu este creat pentru scopuri ilegale! Fisierele apartin autorilor/proprietarilor si au fost facute public pe , Dump , YouTube etc...
    Toate fisierele in format digital,video,zip, etc prezentate public pe acest site au un rol strict distractiv, iar utilizatorul, odata cu accesarea acestui website, isi asuma obligatia de a le sterge dupa cel mult 24 de ore de la ora descarcarii. De altfel, nici un fisier in format digital,video,zip nu este gazduit direct de catre "".
    Proprietarii website-ului "" nu isi asuma nici o responsabilitate pentru scopul utilizarii fisierelor in format video dupa descarcarea lor. In semn de solidaritate si respect pentru autori/proprietari, "" si proprietarii acestuia va invita sa cumparati filmele preferate in original de la dealer-ii autorizati. Orice reproducere ,integrala sau partiala, a materialelor de pe acest website pentru utilizare pe alte websiteuri sau forme ilegale de vanzare este complet interzisa si se pedepseste conform legii.

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    This site not violate the law and not created for illegal purposes.Files are the authors / owners and were made public on, Dump, YouTube etc ...
    All digital files,video,zip, etc presented public on this site have a role strictly fun,and the
    user,along with accessing this website,assumes obligation to delete after more than 24 hours
    for downloading at. Moreover,no file digital,video,zip etc not service directly by ""
    Owners website "" does not assume any responsibility for purposes use
    file-format video after downloading them.As a sign of solidarity and respect for the authors
    /owners, "" and owners invites you to buy favorite movies in original from
    authorized dealers.Any reproduction whole or partial, materials on this website for use
    other websites or illegal forms of sale is completely prohibited and punishable conformable law.

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